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Internetisimo, a name composed of two terms: ‘Internet’ and ‘ísimo’ forming a harmonious word that expresses our desire to bring companies and people to reach the maximum that the Internet offers them. A word absent in the dictionary, but whose meaning is understood without explanation. A company that guides, advises and of course develops a solution in the Internet world with the greatest guarantee of success.

Our company was born in 2001 and soon stood out in the sector as one of the most important. Our multidisciplinary team is composed of computer engineers, designers, journalists, photographers, publicists, etc. Directed by Josué Fumero Marrero (Senior Computer Engineer) they join all their forces and their experience to offer the best product and the best version that your company can have on the Internet.

The presence on the Internet has been a priority for every company for years, whatever its size.
Selling, promoting, creating a brand image or simply accentuating prestige are only part of our role as intermediaries.

We resolve any questions and problems that arise on the way to the publication of the website. Before, during and after the process, Internetísimo guarantees their customers the service and efficiency of a big company.

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Our team

Josué Fumero

Managing Director

Juventino Aguiar

Fullstack Developer

Héctor Yanes

Fullstack Developer

Alexis F.M.

Graphic designer

Arantxa Pelayo

Graphic designer