Web for discount cards

Desinquietos Conceived as an informative, effective and ‘affective’ website that aims to concentrate content on economic aid for young people in the Canary Islands. We have played with colour, narrative dynamism and typography to achieve simplicity and attract as many users as possible. CATEGORIES App, WebsiteBy administrador25 April, 2022

Web for state agency

Coya Coya is a website designed to manage the sale and use of luxury properties in the south of Tenerife. Conceived in the Netherlands and aimed for buyers from all over the world, therefore readable in several languages. Graphically very attractive and with a minimalist and elegant layout. CATEGORIES E-COMMERCE, WebsiteBy administrador25 April, 2022

Web for federation

Federación Canaria de Municipios (FECAM) Another reference of the Canary organizations that relies on Internetísimo to inform about the activities and statutes of the region. The FECAM is modernized and offers a renewed, efficient image and, thanks to our latest generation servers, speed in sending information. CATEGORIES Website, WebsiteBy administrador2 August, 2019